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Croatia has begun to write bring refugees to Slovenia by trains so that they don't have to cross the fields and villages on the border on foot. The Schengen border rules have finally changed, and European leaders decided at a crisis meeting that the refugees would be taken into Slovenia by train. They wouldn't have to walk through Rigonce and wait for hours anymore. From just September through December, over 450,000 refugees and migrants crossed Slovenia. The number is still rising. It's difficult to understand the refugee crisis from the safety of one's home—the images seem so foreign and distant. When you find yourself, as a reporter, among the freezing, exhausted people with children, you're simply a human being touched by the suffering. Children's essay and human rights come first—nobody deserves to be left without food and a roof over their head. I can't imagine what it must be like to pack your life in a suitcase or backpack and leave on such a long and arduous journey.

essay borders

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By far, the most touching moment for me occurred early one morning. A limping mother and son, who didn't speak english, were unable to keep the pace of the group and fell behind. The expression on the woman's face was full of fear and despair. Her son, whose boots were too big, struggled to carry a heavy backpack and at one moment he presentation collapsed. I had no choice but to help him and carry his backpack for a while. Fortunately, a volunteer came along with a car and picked them. As of the beginning of 2016, the situation has improved.

essay borders

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They made fires with whatever was at hand—from trash, plastic, and trees, to clothes discarded by previous groups. I walked around the families, sat down at the fire, and watched these faces from faraway lands now gathered in the tiny country beneath the Alps. The fire colored and warmed their faces, and brought to my mind scenes from Bethlehem. In the first two weeks, 120,000 refugees and migrants crossed Slovenia, administrator most of whom passed through the village of Rigonce in the first ten days. One night, i was traveling with a group of 3,000-4,000 migrants. Many of them were whole families; they were tired and trying to cope with the cold. In such moments, it's hard to come up with words. The wave of migrants flooding Europe is certainly huge. One wonders where all of these people are going to end up and what the future holds for them.

We received quite a shock. At the end of the village, on a meadow next to the sotla river, a group of at least 1,000 people were waiting. They had entered Slovenia on foot, crossed a bridge from the Croatian side where they had arrived by train, and walked for about 15 minutes to reach the meadow. The scenes were startling, as if from another planet. The village that was once declared the most beautiful village in the Brežice municipality—the village where people tend to their farms, raise livestock, and lead peaceful lives—was suddenly faced with an incoming exodus. In the cold night, people were lying on the ground, trying to catch a few hours of sleep. They kept asking me: Where are we? When would we be allowed to proceed towards Northern Europe? Mothers asked me for food and blankets, when they would be able to continue their journey, and where the camps were located.

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essay borders

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I had never imagined that I would be doing a refugee story practically on my own doorstep. I had been following reports for quite a while on what was happening in Syria and the tragedies in the mediterranean where hundreds of refugees drowned after their boats sank. The wave of Syrian refugees, however, quickly took a different course—across the balkans, through Turkey, greece, macedonia, serbia, croatia, and now Slovenia, my homeland. As early as September 2015, i decided to spend a week documenting the situation on the Croatian-Serbian border. I simply felt that I had to see and understand the situation with my own eyes. After a four-hour drive, the first scene i witnessed was a shock. A visibly exhausted pregnant woman, with her husband and child, were hurrying alongside a train calling for help.

However, the police merely instructed them to keep calm and get on a train to continue their journey towards Hungary. I began to realize the horrible reality essay and scale of it all. Every day, hundreds of buses arrived at the border, full of people from different countries—from Syria to Afghanistan, Iraq, and pakistan. I saw increasing numbers of young men and boys, wishing to find a better life in Northern Europe—austria, germany, denmark, and Sweden. Then a new wave of refugees hit Slovenia after Hungary closed its borders—a flood of people the likes of which Slovenia had never encountered before. In a single day, over 13,000 people would enter the country. A colleague and i arrived at the eastern village of Rigonce, thesis where most of the refugees arrived in the late evening.

Introductory article written for civilization, the magazine of the us library of Congress, October-november 2000, by guest Editor mikhail Gorbachev.

Water, like religion and ideology, has the power to move millions of people. Since the very birth of human civilization, people have moved to settle close to water. Breaking news and analysis from. Politics, world news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science and entertainment news. August 6th, 2012: Antony and the johnsons - cut the world video directed by nabil, staring Willem Dafoe, carice van houten and Marina Abramovic. August 1st, 2012: Antony takes over dazed Digital this week featuring articles everyday, so far including interviews with laurie anderson, Planningtorock, cyclobe, antony and Buffy sainte. The United States would make destroying. Iran s major nuclear facilities its primary aim, and it would likely be successful within hours of a conflict breaking out.

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At the heart of the matter is the value which we assign to inspiration different uses of water. Again, there is no universal blueprint, but it is clear that neither of the two extreme stances, one advocating that water should be free for all, and the other promoting full cost pricing for all water supplies, are desirable. We must remember that the value and the price of water are two very different things; it is substance which must be used efficiently, but must be available for the sustenance of all - including natural ecosystems. This makes the pricing of water a tricky business, as we gather further from World Commission on Water Chairman, Ismail Serageldin, and douglas. MacDonalds insights on the subject. Thus we are faced with a mighty challenge. Fortunately we have a history of meeting great challenges using imagination and our irrepressible capacity to adapt. To ensure that we journey in the right direction, we must allow our knowledge, experience and institutions to catch up with the overwhelming progress of science and technology, and learn how to become both good neighbors for each other and good guests of the natural. Just as we are moved by water, we must move quickly in order to save.


essay borders

Where such solutions are not easily forthcoming, international mediation and support should be available. A movement to provide such support has been initiated by secretary of State madeleine Albright with the establishment of a global Alliance for Water Security. In most cases, however, the practical solutions required are local, reflecting the geographically and culturally specific nature of water-use. The cold War era of "the bigger the better which prompted the construction of 45,000 large dams throughout the world, is over. This thoughtless tampering with nature has left a terrible legacy, not least in my own region where thousands of acres of fertile land have been lost, and man-made catastrophes such as in the Aral sea region cause immeasurable suffering. The articles provided by kader Asmal of the world Commission on Dams, and water expert Anil Agarwal, seek the path to a new era where social and environmental considerations are given precedence and the benefits of large constructs like dams are questioned. The United States, the second most "dammed" nation, after China, is already breaching many of its dams; elsewhere, particularly in the developing world, the question is how to provide the services supplied by dam projects through other initiatives, like rainwater harvesting and demand management.

which I myself have recently revisited. Earlier this year I met with Prime minister Barak, chairman Arafat and King Abdullah of Jordan, and obtained their commitment to work with my organization, Green Cross International, and our partners, the center for Middle east peace and Economic cooperation, to find solutions to the. These three leaders explicitly recognized that there can be no unilateral solutions to their essentially trans-boundary water problems. This is as true in the middle east as it is regarding watercourses shared between the United States and its neighbors. In all of the worlds 261 international basins, joint management should be built on a system of effective interdependence; a pooling rather than a restriction of each nations sovereignty. While armed, inter-state conflicts over water are unlikely, it must be remembered that these are not the only types of conflicts facing water-stressed societies. Internal conflicts between ethnic groups, regions, users and small communities can and do arise over water. Inter-state cooperation is essential to the search for regional water solutions.

These people, including often marginalized groups such as women and feed minorities, must have a voice, and the information and means necessary to use. Without water security, social, economic and national stability are imperiled. This is magnified where water flows across borders - and becomes crucial in regions of religious, territorial or ethnic tension. In some cases, as between India and pakistan over the Indus river, successful cooperation over water resources can be cited as proof that even states with difficult relations can work together. In other cases, the opportunities to improve regional relations which a common watercourse presents have not yet been grasped. The jordan Valley, shared by the people of Israel, palestine, jordan, syria and Lebanon, is one such example. Water has been a fundamental security matter in the arid Middle east since antiquity. The allocation, use and rights to the increasingly scarce water resources of this volatile region remain sensitive, and potentially explosive, issues.

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Water is the most important single element needed in order for people to achieve the universal human right to "a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family." (Article 25, Universal Declaration of Human Rights) Without access to clean. Let us acknowledge that clean water is a universal human right, and in so doing accept that we have the corresponding universal responsibility to ensure that the forecast of a world where, in 25 years' time, two out of every three persons face water-stress. In this ghostwriter issue, united Nations' secretary general Kofi Annan asks us to face up to the threat of a catastrophic water crisis and counter such bleak forecasts by adopting a new spirit of stewardship. To do otherwise would be nothing less than a crime and history will rightly judge current generations harshly for. The world's growing population should be seen not only as one of the causes of the water crisis, but also as the source of its solution, as is stressed by former President of the Philippines, fidel Ramos, using the example of the enormous potential. Human solidarity is the only force capable of facing a task of this magnitude. There must be solidarity in international and regional governance; there must be solidarity between sectors and stakeholders; and there must be political will amongst governments to work in good faith both with their neighbors and with their own people.

essay borders
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I had never imagined that I would be doing a refugee story practically on my own doorstep. I had been following reports for quite a while on what was happening in Syria and the tragedies in the mediterranean. About the Atlantic Institute Art & Essay contest.

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  5. Summary: The mother in borders by Thomas King reveals her pride in her American Indian heritage when she refuses to acknowledge herself as American or Canadian at a border crossing. The short story, borders written by Thomas King tells about a worried mother that has pride in her culture and values. Borders : Personal, essays is a collection of essays by sergio troncoso first published in 2011 by Arte público Press. The book of sixteen personal essays).

  6. This annual award is named after Barbara lynch who touched the lives of thousands of residents directing the i-house Program Office from 1966 to 1988. Essay : beyond, borders, directed by: Martin Campbell Written by: Caspian Tredwell-Owen. Set the Stage It was all started in London (1984 people are. Borders term papers, essays and research papers available. Border, control I feel that border security should be a priority and it is important to me because of the consequences we are currently suffering from and will continue to suffer from.

  7. At some time in life, people are asked this question, not necessarily from others but from themselves. It questions one s identity as to who they are. Essays from Bartleby trade beyond borders, trade is the concept of the exchange of goods and services between entities or people. Borders Essay, awards Program.

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